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Q: What makes Lehigh Custom Homes different from other builders?
A: First, we are licensed and insured and have been in the construction business since 1988 in the Tampa Bay area. Prior to 1988 Gary Craft, owner and President, is a third-generation builder, he was building commercially throughout the United States. He has the knowledge, experience and workmanship that only occurs with a hands on owner. Every job no matter how large and complicated to how small and simple they all are just as important to our company.

Q: How long will I be without my kitchen?
A: Our goal is to have you and your family's major area in disorder for as short of time as possible. We will not remove your old cabinets until the day the new ones are delivered. From the installation of the new cabinets, until the installation of the new counter tops, runs between 7 to 10 days. Some customers have their kitchens remodeled at the same time they go on vacation since you will be eating out anyway.

Q: While we are on vacation I don't want strangers in my home. How do you get around this?
A: First, your home is never left alone with any strangers. At all time an owner of our company will always be present in your home.

Q: How long have you worked with your licensed plumber and electrician?
A: Our plumber we have been working with since the late 80's in fact we built his custom home in Dunedin for him. Our electrician we have work with now going on seven years and had the opportunity to just recently remodel his kitchen.

Q: Do you have someone to help me with color selections?
A: Yes, our designer has been a great assist to our company since 1993.

Q: I need to do my home in stages can I just do the guest bath now and do my master bath later?
A: Of course, we will work with you at any stage you want. We have never found any job to large or to small. It really doesn't matter if you want to build your custom dream home on the water or you just need a vanity we are happy to be there to serve you.

3114 Coventry East, Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Phone: 727-726-4613